Albert’s Slot Channel Biggest Jackpot

You may have already subscribed to a huge number of slot channels over on sites such as YouTube, however if you haven’t yet discovered Albert’s slot channel, then it really is about time you did.

What I like about watching him play slot machines, is that he keeps the stake levels to realistic amounts, so unlike some other channels that tend to play for huge stake amounts, that many people can only dream of playing for, Albert tens to always keep things real and very relatable to most slot players too.

When playing for average stake levels however, there is always going to be a chance that you could hit some high valued base game winning spins or trigger a bonus game that turns out to be a mega paying one.

Some slot machines do of course offer players the chance of spinning in lots of scatter symbols, and when they do so they will be rewarded with a huge number of free games.

One recent slot playing session that Albert had involved him playing the Konami designed Mayan Chief slot, which is a slot that can award hundreds of free spins to players, via its scatter symbols.

Well, if you want to see Albert turning a reasonable stake into a mega sized handpay jackpot then tune in and watching him playing that slot below, for as you will see he does spin in lots of scatter symbols, which is the key to him then playing off a huge number of free games, and revelling in the pay-out achieved via those free spins.

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