Albert’s Slot Channel

Albert's Slot Channel

Albert’s Slot Channel Fact File

Watching slot players play for huge stakes may be something you enjoy doing, however over on Alberts slot channel you are going to see the star of that channel play for much more modest and realistic stakes.

Channel: Albert’s Slot Channel

Location: U.S.A.

YouTube Subscribers: 48.6k+

Channel Views: 23,474,073+

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Albert’s Slot Channel and Profile

The secret of the success of Alberts slot channel is that by playing for reasonable stake levels most other slot players can relate to the type of slot playing experience he has, and as such it is certainly worth turning in to see how he gets on.

He is based over on the East Coast of America. However, he often visits Las Vegas and when he gets the urge does also head on over to Atlantic City occasionally and tries his luck playing the vast array of slot machines available and on offer there too.

As for just which type of slot machines you will see him playing, well he is never afraid of doing battle with any type of slot, and as such there are an excellent mix of videos he produces and makes live, and by playing for sensible stakes he does get plenty of spins (usually) out of his bankroll too.

Sit back and watch him playing the slot in the video above as it will certainly give you a very good insight into his usual slot playing adventures, and you will also find plenty of other videos going live regularly over on his channel too.

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