Another Take the Ticket Challenge with Dianaevoni

Take the Ticket Challenge Dianaevoni

Take the Ticket Challenge with Dianaevoni

Popular slot player Dianaevoni often has a crowd around her when playing slot machines, for she is a friendly soul and rarely plays alone, and in the following video you will see her playing with both Rex and Robert who she does often play slots alongside or with.

However, today the team have decided that they are going to be having one of her infamous Take the Ticket challenges, and if you have never heard of that before, well they all agree on how much they are going to play off a set number of slot machine spins for, and then the player who wins the most takes the winnings.

They settled on a bankroll of $100 each, so they have a starting bankroll of $300, and have chosen to play the Willie Nelson slot and will be playing for a stake of $4.20, so will get 24 base game spins each.

As for who does manage to win the most during their 24 spins and gets to cash out the TITO ticket at the end of their session and keep the winnings accumulated by each of them, well you will have to tune in and see.

The challenge took place over at the Bellagio Casino Resort which does appear to be a camera friendly casino these days, so you are unlikely to experience any problems filming your own slot play in that casino, but do try and respect other players privacy if you do so.

Fortunately for slot players, more and more casinos in Vegas and in other gambling destinations are relaxing their rules regarding players videoing their slot play, but there are still some casinos that will not let you do so.

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