Brian Christopher Hits the High Limit Room

Brian Christoper High Limit Slots

Brian Christopher’s High Limit Slots Adventures

Never one to miss out on some high limit slot playing, Brian Christopher recently visited the San Miguel Casino over in Highland, CA and set about playing several slots that he has had varying levels of success playing before.

In the slot play video above you will see him playing slots machines such as the sometimes annoying Pinball slot that will see a small animated ball bouncing around the bonus screen once the bonus game is triggered, and Brian will of course be hoping to trigger that bonus game, and get the ball to land in one of the higher valued ball wells.

He also chances his arm playing the Green Vault slot machine too, and that can be a high variance slot at times, so tune in and watch whether the reels do spin is way, as there are never any guarantees that they will when playing that particular slot.

Another slot that is famed for at times paying out big style is the Shadow of the Panther slot and that will be another of the slots he will be getting stuck into playing on the video above, and the final slot he tries out is the Sky Rider Deluxe slot, which most players do have a love-hate relationship with.

If you have yet to subscribe to the Brian Christopher Slot Channel then you really should do so, for he does offer his subscribers the chance to take part in many group pull events, and during 2020 he has plenty for group pulls scheduled too.

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