Brian Christopher Slots Group Pull

One of the very latest ways that subscribers can interact with their favourite slot channel slot players, is by taking part in one of their group pull slot play events. Everybody that takes part in one simply pools their bankroll together, in the hope of winning more than they paid to enter that group pull.

One of the benefits of playing in one of the Brian Christopher Slots slot pull events, is that they are usually well attended, so the combined bankroll is large, allowing the slot machine or slot machines played at those events to be played with some high stakes per spin in play.

If you do want to take part in one of the upcoming Brian Christopher Slots group pull events, then simply sign up to that slot channel and follow them on their social media accounts too, as that is often how players are alerted to the fact that there is a group pull event coming up.

In the video below you are going to see one of the recent Brian Christopher Slots slot channel group pull events and can see how everybody got on during that group pull too. Playing slot machines at those events for some much higher stake levels does of course give the group a much greater chance of winning a hand pay of course.

Have a good look around this website too once you have watched the group pull video below as we have plenty of other videos that you are bound to enjoy tuning into and watching.

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