Casino Countess Group Pull

With many slot channels now holding group pull events, you may be tempted to take part in one of them, and if so there could be an increased chance of you winning a share of a huge jackpot, with some luck during that event.

You may however be blissfully unaware of just what a slot pull event is, well it is when a group of players all pay an equal amount to take part in the event, and the combined bankroll is then used to play one or more slot machines in a land based casino, and often for some high stake amounts.

Players at such an event such as the Casino Countess slot channel group pull events then take turns to play off a set number of spins, and any winnings at the end of the slot playing session are then shared out between all players.

The Casino Countess slot channel group pulls have proven to be very popular events, as you will see on the video below, and if you want to take part in one them make sure you subscribe to that slot channel whilst also following the social media accounts of that slot channel too.

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