Excalibur Casino

Excalibur Casino Resort

Rather than spend hours if not days visiting every casino in Vegas to find out what is on offer in each of them, why not watch some of the many Living in Las Vegas produced walkthrough videos, such as the one below that looks at the inside of the Excalibur Casino Resort.

Now the thing to keep in mind about the Excalibur Casio Resort is that it is one of the much more budget type resorts, and as such sometimes when you wander inside you will notice it isn’t as opulent or as well-kept as some of the other much higher class resorts.

However, conversely it isn’t a place that you are going to be charged a fortune for a room or suite and the resort fees whilst annoying are not as high as at other resorts nearby either. But it does have an excellent location, there is no getting away from that fact.

The slot machines are geared towards low rollers and as such if you have a modest bankroll then you will have a ball player there and will never have a shortage of slot machines to get stuck into playing.

As for where you will find the casino, it is on the Southern end of the Strip at 3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South and it opened on the 9th of June 1990 and has been doing its own thing ever since that day.

There are many people who love staying at the Excalibur Casino and will always tend to stay there when in Vegas, and with plenty of other casinos nearby you are not going to have to do too much walking or travelling to pay them a visit either.

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