Filthy Slot Channel Biggest Jackpot

One slot channel that I have only recently discovered is the Filthy Slot Channel and if you love watching slots being played in land based casinos then it is one that comes highly recommended, however do not be put off checking it out due to its name.

There are plenty of videos loaded up on that channel, and as you would expect there have been some decent jackpots won on that channel, however below you are going to see one of their biggest ones to date, so make sure you tune in and watch.

It is not only huge valued slot jackpots that you can watch whilst looking around this site, for those of you out there that many currently be planning your next big trip to Vegas, there are plenty of additional videos worth watching too.

The walkthrough videos for example are going to give you sneak peek as to just what awaits you when you venture into any casino, and one casino that is always worth visiting is the New York New York Casino, so check that video and associated guide out.

All slot players however no matter in which casino they are playing in are going to want to cash out a high valued TITO Voucher, and that is something that the Filthy Slot channel player did recently.

Tune into the video below and see just which slot was playing loose and hot and just how much that jackpot turned out to be too.

Do also make a point of subscribing to that channel too, for there are plenty of new videos being uploaded onto it, and they do play a lot of different slot machines too for some very high stakes.

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