Filthy Slot Channel

Filthy Slot Channel

One slot channel that you may not have yet come across, but is one you should check out is the Filthy slot channel, for you are going to see the star of that slot trying out several popular slot machines, but for some higher than average stake levels.

Channel: Filthy Slot Channel

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Filthy Slot Channel and Profile

If like the laid back playing style of the Filthy slot channel, for you are not going to hear overexaggerated whoops of joy when a bonus game has been triggered, which sadly some other players on other channels can do, which can get annoying eventually.

The above slot play video for example will show you the Hold onto Your Hat slot game being played, and as you will probably know that slot is a Lock it Link slot that can play cold sometimes, however when it warms up and loosens up some massive pay-outs can be achieved, must more so when it is being played for high stakes.

Tune in and watch just what happens as that slot is being played, and if you do like the playing style of the Filthy slot channel then make sure that you do subscribe, for every subscriber counts these days.

If you do however fancy playing the Hold Onto Your Hat slot, then make sure you do not go too crazy regarding the stake amounts you play it for, as if things do not go your way as you play it, your bankroll will not last very long at all, and will quickly vanish before your eyes.

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