Happy Lantern Slot Loosens Up for EZ Life

Happy Lantern Slot

Happy Lanterns Lightning Link

You are always going to be risking your bankroll when playing Lightning Link slots, however if you are prepared to take those risks and play any of that series of slots for high stakes, the rewards can often be there for the taking.

Well, EZ Life Slot Jackpots is always prepared to give any slot machine that has caught his eye a good going over, and is always prepared to play for some higher stake levels too, and in the above video you will see him giving the Happy Lantern slot some play time and attention.

That slot is one that is probably best famed for not paying out huge amounts of cash from just its base game, but as soon as the free spins bonus game or the Lightning Link bonus game have been triggered, then that is when the slot really does come to life and offers players some much bigger pay-outs to players.

Please do sit back, tune in and watch the above slot play video, for you will see for yourself just how volatile the Happy Lantern slot can be, but will also get some idea as to just how big the winning pay-outs can be for players of that slot, whenever everything does fall into place when playing it too.

Keep in mind too that there are now quite a lot of not only Lightning Link slot machines in the series, but many other slot game designers have brought out their own range of slot machines that do boast a very similar type of link bonus game too.

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