Jewel Quest 2 Slot Battle

If you have never played E-Gaming slot machines before, then you will never have come across a slot that goes by the name of the Jewel Quest 2 slot. It is a slot on which progressive jackpots can be won and comes with its own unique bonus game too.

However, it is a slot on which the Rolling Reels based playing structure is attached, which sees all reel symbols that have formed a winning combination being removed from the screen once players have been credited with the winnings from those combinations.

The reel symbols that are then directly above the removed reel symbols drop down to replace them, which can of course see additional winning combinations being formed.

The Let’s Play Slots channel do play a lot of E-Gaming designed slot, probably due to the fact those slot machines are popular in Europe, and being a slot channel based in Spain they do have access to plenty of those types of slot machines.

In the video below you are going to see the two man team on that slot channel going head to head playing the Jewel Quest 2 slot in a slot battle, so do tune in to get an idea of how that slot machine plays and pays and which of those two players bags the most winnings when playing it too.

The progressive jackpots just in case you are wondering, are awarded completely at random, and as such there is no bonus game that awards the three progressive jackpots attached to that slot, and no need to place any type of side bet either to have a chance of winning any of them.

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