King Jason Slots Group Pull

If you ever wander into a land based casino and see a large crowd of people in the high limit room, all crowded around one slot machine, then there is a very good chance there is a group pull event being held in that venue.

More and more slot channels are beginning to hold such events in casino across the U.S. and the forward-thinking management teams at most casinos are more than happy to let them do so and are happy to let everyone film those events too.

The King Jason Slots slot channel do hold a number of such events occasionally, and below you are going to see one of their group pull events in live play, and as you will see the combined pooled bankrolls of the players in that event, do allow them to play for some much higher than average stake amounts.

There will of course be some rules attached to any group pull event you do decide to sign up to and take part in, and with that in mind always make a note of just what they are before agreeing to take part in such an event, as they can differ from event to event.

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