Live Christmas Eve Stream from SDGuy and Molly

SDGuy Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Slots Fun with SDGuy

One slot player that will always be prepared to fire up his live video stream, when most other slot players are doing something else is SDGuy1234. So, it was no surprise to see him going live on Christmas Eve and broadcasting his slot playing adventures with his friend Molly.

You do have to expect the unexpected whenever SD Guy is playing slots live, much more so if you enter the YouTube chat room when he is doing so, for he may give you a shout out but much more likely throw the odd insult at you instead.

As for just what slots he chose to try his luck on, well he plays a Willy Wonka themed slot, gets stuck into playing the Cash Machine slot, and then goes on the hunt for a Dragon Link slot that has a maxed out Major Jackpot.

He is rattled however at the size of the line at the bar but come on SD Guy it is Christmas Eve what did you expect. He does however have his own set of rules when playing slot machines which he rigidly sticks too and one of them is to stop playing and cash out a TITO voucher whenever he doubles his starting balance on any slot.

Whether he manages to do that or not, well tune in and watch him in the video above, and make sure you subscribe to the SDGuy1234 YouTube slot channel if for some reason you haven’t yet done so, but be aware that his slot channel is not for the faint hearted, nor is the chat room when he is doing a live stream, so you have been warned.

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