Luxor Casino

Luxor Casino

Luxor Casino Resort

To help you make up your mind if it will be worth your time and effort making the trek to the Luxor Casino in Vegas, please sit back and watch the Living in Las Vegas channel team give you a guided tour of that property as you may like what you discover is available inside it.

It will be the unique design of the Luxor Casino Resort that will stick in your mind once you see the property, for it is of course in the shape of a Pyramid and as such you can expect something of an Egyptian theme when visiting that venue.

The rooms and suites are however built into the sides of that pyramid, so if you do decide to stay there then keep that in mind, and try and get a room or suite that will give you the view over Vegas that will enjoy when peering out of your window.

The gaming floor at the Luxor Casino is of course vast and with the usual good mix of low to high stake slot machines you are always guaranteed to find the ones that you are interested in playing the most, however I wouldn’t say there is a very large number of very high stake slot machines on it gaming floor, but there are some if you are a high rolling player.

It was on October the 15th 1993 that the Luxor Casino Resort opened and its address is 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South and as such it is located up at the Southern end of the Strip, so will be one of the first ones that you will find located near to McCarran Airport.

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