Neily777 Slot Channel

The Neily777 slot channel doesn’t follow the pack, for the star of the channel is more than prepared to use his own unique playing strategies in the hope that he manages to land the big one when out and about playing slot machines.

Channel: Neily777 Slot Channel

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Neily777 Slot Channel and Profile

There are of course going to be times when any slot player achieves the almost impossible and turns a small modest stake into a mega sized jackpot pay-out when playing slot machines.

If you are interested in seeing Neily777 finally hitting the big one, then tune into his video below, for you will be amazed at just how much he manages to win when playing what can be an evil and money eating slot at times for players, that being the Buffalo Xtreme slot.

Whilst not all of the slot sessions you can tune in and watch on his slot channel are going to result in him winning as much as he does in the above slot play video, you will see him having different levels of both good luck and bad luck when you subscribe to his channel and watch him play.

You can also keep track of when and where Neily777 is playing by joining his Facebook group page, and by doing so you will become one of many “Neily’s” as subscribers to his slot channel are known.

Also, you will find his range of merchandise quite unique, so if you are in the market for a new sweatshirt, baseball cap or even a tote bag be sure to check out his “No One Likes a Button Slapper” range of merchandise.

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