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New York New York Casino Resort

It is often the much more unique looking casino resorts in Vegas that visitors to Sin City will be tempted to walk inside, and today Matt Bridger is going to be looking at what is inside that large casino and pointing out the good and bad points of the property.

The location of the New York New York Casino Resort is such that visitors to the Southern end of the Las Vegas Strip are sure to walk past or into the casino, and to be fair it is certainly one in which there are plenty of things to see and do.

Plenty of slot machines and gaming tables can be found on its gaming floor, and there are of course the usual incentives for signing up to their players club, which is something all players are advised to do even if they are not planning on staying long in the casino gambling.

Wander around the casino and you will at one point or another discover the dining area, which is an indoor street themed area in which you will find every type of restaurant, fast food outlet or even café bar you can think of, so if you are hungry then this is a venue to visit for sure.

The address of the New York New York Casino is 3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South and it was on the 3rd of January 3 1997 that it opened, and it is true to say too that it is still going strong to this day and is a popular casino with all levels of slot players from the lowest of low rollers to the highest of high rollers alike, so do consider paying a visit much more so if you have never done so before.

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