Paylines Slot Channel Group Pull

Many slot channels hold group pull events, and it is simply a way for a group of avid slot players to pool their resources in the hope that their combined bankroll enables them to bag a huge jackpot or a healthy sized hand pay.

You will find for example that the Paylines Slot Channel slot channel group pulls are very well attended events, and one thing that combining slot players bankroll does allow for at any group pull event held by the Paylines Slot Channel slot channel, is that the slot machines being played can of course be played for some high stake amounts.

Below you will see one such group pull event in play, so do make sure that you watch that live slot play video and see how the group got on, as I am confident that you will enjoy watching it, and experiencing the highs and lows of playing for high stakes too.

One way of discovering just when the very next Paylines Slot Channel slot channel group pull event is scheduled is by both subscribing to that channel and follow them on their social media accounts too, so make sure you do just that.

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