SDGuy Tempts Fate by Playing Planet Moolah with Brent

SDGuy and Brent

SD Guy and Brent Play Attack from the Planet Moolah

Watch some slot play videos put together by SDGuy1234 and you will often hear him slagging off his mate Brent, they have a love-hate relationship, however when they play slots together you are going to be in for an interesting viewing experience as they bitch and moan at each other like an old married couple.

In the video slot you will see SDGuy fire up his cell phone and get Brent on the line and then they set about playing the Invaders Attack From The Planet Moolah slot, and you just know that if the reels do not spin SDGuy’s way then poor old Brent is going to be in for a mouthful of abuse.

Make sure that you check out Brent’s Lucky Slot Channel for he does occasionally load up some slot play videos himself, however the SDGuy slot channel is much more active when it comes to producing slot play videos and he tends to load up at least one video per day to the SDGuy1234 slot channel.

One of the most successful slot playing strategies that SDGuy does tend to adopt when playing is to aim to double his starting bankroll, and whenever he does, he will cash-out those winnings which at times has proven to be a very profitable slot playing system for him over the years..

You will also see him getting stuck into playing the Dancing Drums slot on the above video, and I do think you will enjoy him spinning the reels of that slot, for he does manage to bag a huge valued free spins bonus game pay-out whilst doing so.


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