SDGuy1234 Bags Another Huge Handpay

SDGuy1234 Handpay

You have to admire the way that SDGuy1234 plays slot machines, for when playing he doesn’t care what those sat nearby him think of his antics when playing, and he is always going to put a smile on your face when you tune in and watch him play.

His slot channel has been around for years, and over those years he has won some mind-blowing jackpots, and recently he has managed to bag yet another handpay which you will see him do in the video below.

The slot play video below shows him playing several different slot machines which varying degrees of luck when doing so.

I also like the way that he tends to now fast forward losing spins on any session and then stops and returns to normal speed when he triggers a bonus game or bonus feature, as that stops viewers getting bored of seeing dead spin after dead spin being played off.

You should also consider following him on his many additional Social Media profiles too, for by doing so you will often see footage and photos of some big wins he has achieved, before the footage goes live on his main slot channel.

Anyway, tune in below and watch him win big, and then watch him as he darts out of the casino with his winnings safely tucked away.

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