SDGuy1234 Slot Channel Fact File

You are bound to come across the slot player that is known as SDGuy1234, as one of the popular slot playing Youtubers, he uploads a fresh supply of slot videos each week to his slots channel, and he has amassed a fair number of subscribers too.

Channel: SDGuy1234

Location: U.S.A.

YouTube Subscribers: 84,600+

Channel Views: 70,725,100+

YouTube Channel:






SDGuy1234 Slots Channel and Profile

SDGuy1234 joined YouTube back in 2008, and he has become quite a celebrity in slot playing circles with his brash and outrageous and certainly unique way of playing slots. In fact, wander into any casino he is playing in and you will often hear him before you spot him.

One aspect of his slot playing that does make a pleasant change is that he tours around the U.S and can often be found playing slot machines in places that you wouldn’t usually visit, and he is never afraid of giving any slot his best shot.

If you have ever played the original version of the Walking Dead slot and have hit the bonus game, then you will probably have tapped on his face at one time or another, for he was one of the people who were given a walker makeover and whose faces are used on that bonus game.

Watch the video above for some behind the scenes footage of how the slot game designers over at Aristocrat put together that slot game and watch him being transformed from his good-looking self into a hideous walker, as that video is certainly an eyeopener.

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