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Another of the many Youtubing slot players that have amassed a very large number of subscribers is Slot Lover, and below I will be giving you an insight into what will await you if you pay a visit to that channel and tune into their many slot play videos.

Channel: Slot Lover

Location: U.S.A.

YouTube Subscribers: 54.6k+

Channel Views: 46,182,911+

YouTube Channel:


Patreon:  N/A

Instagram: N/A


Merchandise: N/A

Slot Lover Slots Channel and Profile

It is a husband and wife team that makes up the Slot Lover slot channel, and unlike most married couples they do seem to get along and both enjoy playing slot machines, rather than one half of a couple enjoying playing slots whilst the other one has no interest in them at all.

As for their level of success, well its very true and fair to say that as soon as you do start watching their slot channel and their many different slot play videos, you will see both of them bag some amazing winning pay-outs.

Whilst not famed for playing at some very large stake levels, they are always prepared to give the max bet button a click and play penny slots for the maximum stake possible, and that does of course mean that naturally they will spin in some high paying winning combinations, and will trigger some high paying bonus games too from time to time.

The above video from the Slot Lover slots channel will give you some idea of what they get up to when playing slots, and if you do like what you see make sure you subscribe to their channel to get notifications of when they have just loaded up their very next one.

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