Slot Machine Challenge Playing the Fruit Jack Slot

One new slot channel that has just gone live is the Let’s Play Slots channel, and what makes it unusual is that they appear to play slot machines located over in Spain.

Therefore if you enjoy watching slot videos that feature slot machines that you haven’t played or seen before, there will be a very good chance that you will see plenty of them when watching the two man team of players on that channel playing.

In the video below you will see them playing a weird looking slot machine called the Fruit Jack slot on which there are 40 pay-lines and a free games bonus feature that can be triggered.

The video shows them having a slot battle in which both are players are going to play off 50 spins each, then throw what is left of their starting bankrolls after each set of 50 free spins have been played off into a pool, with the player who won the most on their set of spins taking the contents of that pot.

The Let’s Play Slots channel on YouTube is a new one and as such make sure you subscribe to that channel and help them build up their subscribers.

As for just which player wins that slot battle and how much they win, well tune in and see for yourself, and also look at how that unusual E-Gaming designed slot plays and pays for it is one that many of you may never have seen of played before.

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