Slot Traveler Group Pull

If you have ever wanted to play slot machines alongside one of the players from your favourite slot channel, then the way to do just that and also to have the chance of sharing any jackpots won by those slot players is by taking part in one of their group pull events.

The Slot Traveler slot channel does hold regular group pull events, and when taking part in them all players attending the event pay an equal amount to put into the pot which is then used to play one or more slot machines.

A few rules will come into play at Slot Traveler group pull events, such as how tax on any handpays are handled, how many spins and the stakes the slot machines will be played for and of course just which slot machines will be played at the group pull event too.

The social media accounts of any slot channel are of course the quickest and easiest way to discover just when and where the next group pull event will be held, so if you fancy trying your luck taking part in a Slot Traveler slot channel group pull then you now know how to go about taking part in them.

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