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Slot Traveler

Slot Traveler Slot Channel Fact File

The slot players that have a warm and very friendly character and persona are the ones that usually have popular slot channels, and that is certainly true with Manny who is the brains behind the Slot Traveler slot channel, and below you will find an insight and overview of his channel.

Channel: Slot Traveler

Location: U.S.A.

YouTube Subscribers: 42.9k+

Channel Views: 21,754,050+

YouTube Channel:





Merchandise: N/A

Slot Traveler Slot Channel and Profile

What I tend to look for when I am in a slot channel viewing frame of mind, are slot players that are going to get stuck into playing a wide and very diverse range of slot machines, and not only the recently released and very latest all singing and dancing slots.

If that is what you tend to do too then there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to enjoy the slot playing escapades that await you by tuning in and watching the Slot Traveler slot channel, which has been around since 2007.

With plenty of videos awaiting you, some of which you will see him playing with many other popular slot playing Youtubers, you will see him win and lose, however he does both in his own unique style and with over 40,000 subscribers he is obviously doing something right that viewers do enjoy watching.

Above you will see just one of his many videos, so please do sit back and watch it and see just how he gets on whilst playing, and do watch some of his many other videos of which he uploads quite  a lot of them each month.

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