The Strat Casino

The Strat Casino

The Strat Casino Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Casino Resort over in Vegas has had a fortune spent on it recently, for the new owners, that being Golden Entertainment have big plans for that property which is going to be their flagship casino.

With that in mind Matt Bridger had it on his Radar when putting together his most recent batch of casino walkthrough videos, and above is that video. If you have visited The Strat, which is the new name for the Stratosphere in the past then please do tune in and watch, for the money spent on refurbishing that casino has been very well spent.

The Strat is set away from most other casinos on the Strip, in fact there is an ongoing discussion as to whether it is best to describe the casino as a Downtown one, and its address is 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

By Vegas standard the property is not that old having been opened back in 1996 on the 30th of April, which was quite some time after the groundbreaking which took place on the 5th of November 1991.

The Strat boasts some 2,427 rooms and suites and has a gaming floor that covers some 80,000 square foot, and recently as part of their renovations they added a Link Slot Lounge in which players are going to find some of the most played and most popular slots at the minute, those being the Lightning Link slots and a very impressive range of other slots which offer a similar type of bonus game too on which some mega amounts of cash can be won.

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