Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino Resort

Today is the day when the Living in Las Vegas team are going to be giving you a guided tour of the Tropicana Casino over in Vegas, so please do sit back and watch as you may find one or two things that are offered to visitors to that property of great interest to you.

As for whether it will be worth playing the slot machines on offer at the Tropicana Casino Resort, well there will be certainly more than enough of them for you to jump on and try your luck on of course, and any of them may just be about to pay-out a jackpot.

The location and address of the Tropicana Casino is 3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South and being at the Southern end of the Las Vegas Strip it shouldn’t take you very long to spot it and step inside, but do make sure that you join their comp club and get yourself a players card and use it too.

It is however another of the longer established casinos in Las Vegas for it opened on April the 4th way back in 1957, however it has of course been kept up to date over the years with many refurbishments and renovations, and many players do like staying there.

It was at the time of its construction one of the most expensive casinos to be built on the Las Vegas Strip, however I wouldn’t say that it is one that will stick in your mind when you spot it, as there are now some much more impressive looking casinos that do stand out up and down the Strip, as you will soon discover when you do visit Vegas.

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