VegasLowRoller Slot Channel Fact File

If you are on the hunt for a handful of slot channels to tune into and watch regularly, then one that does come very highly recommended is the VegasLowRoller channel, for you are going to be able to join in his highs and low when he is out slot playing.

Channel: VegasLowRoller

Location: U.S.A.

YouTube Subscribers: 91.4k+

Channel Views: 58,841,000+

YouTube Channel:





Merchandise: N/A

VegasLowRoller Slots Channel and Profile

You are going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to watching slot players trying their luck on all manner of different slot machines on sites like YouTube, however it is those with a great personality that tend to acquire the most subscribers.

One guy that you should instantly take a shine too, and one who oozes personality is VegasLowRoller, and he is very quickly amassing subscribers to his regularly uploaded slot playing video channel, and if you haven’t yet watched any of them, then it really is about time you did so.

He isn’t the type of player who plays slot machines for ridiculously high-stake levels, and you can always relate to his high and lows when do does venture forth and sets out on his next slot playing adventure.

Always with one eye on his bankroll, he is happy to stop playing when things are not going his way, but as you will see in the video above, when Lady Luck does shine on him, he is prepared to dig deep into his pocket and spread the wealth so to speak.

Feel free to follow him on Twitter and Facebook too, as that way you will always know where and when he is out and about and when he is planning his next battle with the slots.

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