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Westgate Casino Resort

Due to its off the strip location, you may be put off visiting the Westgate Casino Resort, however that property really is steeped in history and is certainly a casino worth making the effort to visit whenever you are in Las Vegas.

The ever intrepid Youtuber Matt Bridger did make the effort to get over to the Westgate Casino, and you will discover plenty of interesting facts and figures and will also see just what is inside that venue if you tune in and watch the walkthrough video above.

It was back in 1969 that the casino resort opened, on the 2nd of July, however it wasn’t always known as the Westgate for previously it has been called the International which it was from 1969 until 1971, then it became the Las Vegas Hilton from 1971 until 2012 then it was rebranded and became the LVH which stood for the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino from 2012 until 2014.

The gaming floor is a fair sized one which measures a total of 54,923 square feet, and gamblers are assured of finding the exact type of games they are looking to play when they wander inside.

The property still oozes something of a retro look and feel, and whilst not the easiest casino to get too, unless you take the monorail, it is always worth paying it a visit if you want to visit a long established casino that is always going to offer you a plethora of slot machines.

Tune in to watch Matt wander into the casino and show you just what can be found inside, to help you make up your own mind as to whether it will be worth visiting or not.

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