What Does RTP Mean?

What Does RTP Mean

What Does RTP Stand For?

RTP means Return to Player, and it refers to the pay-out percentage that a slot machine has been designed to pay to players but over their long-term play.

The higher the RTP any slot machine has been set to return to players the better, for you are going to get many more pay-outs and some much higher paying jackpots over your long term slot playing sessions when you stick to playing slot machines that have been set with a much higher RTP than you ever would when playing one that has been set with a low RTP.

The average RTP of most slot machines these days are between ninety four percent and ninety six percent, however some casinos will set their slot machine to pay-out much less and some casinos will have the pay-out percentages on some of their slot machines set to more than ninety six percent.

However, it is often the case the long term expected payout percentage that a casino has set their slot machine at is a closely guarded secret, but then again some casinos will always ensure that their players know just which slots have very high payout percentages, as players are going to make a beeline to play them.

In layman’s terms, if you are playing a slot machine that has been set with an RTP of 96%, then over the long term that slot will pay out to winning players $96.00 for every $100 played through them, but that is over the long term and not the short term.

As such when playing you are going to have a single session RTP on any slot machine you are playing that could be way lower than 96% or much higher, dependent on whether you have a losing or winning session when playing.

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