What is a Group Pull?

What is a Slot Machine Group Pull?

A group pull is when a group of slot players pool their bankrolls to play a slot machine, often for a slightly higher stake than they would usually play slot machines for and split any winnings.


Many of our featured slot channels hold group pulls, and as such if you are nearby one of the land based casinos in which they are being played at then you can join in the fun, and long as you have the required buy in that is.

There will however be some rules regarding a group pull, and as such you will need to find out what they are, and some rules could be just which slot or slots will be played, the stakes they will be played at and also how any tax deductions are going to be handled.

Often the slot player organizing the event will use their players card, so they get a little extra out of the gaming action, and they will of course film the event and load it up to their slot channel too.

The video above shows Brian Christopher at one of his many group pull events, and that video is certainly worth watching as they do win a hefty amount of cash.

Just keep in mind that not all group pulls are going to be winning ones, and as such you are always going to be putting your buy in at risk, however, if everything does go to plan you could win a huge amount of cash, if the reels do spin your way during that slot playing event, so the rewards could be there for the taking.

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