What is a Handpay?

What is a Handpay

What is a Slot Machine Handpay?

A hand pay is simply when a slot machine, for one reason or another cannot pay you out your winnings in coins, banknotes or a TITO voucher.

When playing slot machines over in Las Vegas for example, whenever a player is lucky enough to win over $1200 from a single base game spin or a bonus game or wins a huge slot machine jackpot when playing a slot machine, that slot will lock up and require a slot attendant to pay-out those winnings in cash.

That procedure will then see that playing being paid out his or her winnings in cold hard cash, and the will have to hold out their hand whilst they are paid out their winnings, which is counted out in front of them and placed into their hand.

As such that is known as a slot machine handpay, and every slot player will want to experience as many handpays as they possibly can do when playing.

However, some casinos will allow a player, usually those playing in the high limit area of a casino to override the need for a hand pay when they are playing with their players card inserted into the slot, for without doing so and when playing for very high stake levels they will often end up wasting a lot of time waiting for a slot attendant to appear and give them their winnings.

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