What is a TITO Voucher?

What are TITO Vouchers?

TITO stands for ticket in ticket out and is simply a way for a slot machine to payout players without having to pay coins or banknotes, and most casino slot machines these days will payout those vouchers whenever a player cashes out their money from a slot.

Those vouchers can then be taken to the cashier’s cage and turned into cash instantly, or players can use the ATM and Ticket Redemption machines dotted around a casinos gaming floor to turn those vouchers into cash.

However, those TITO vouchers can also be inserted into other slot machines or video poker machines on a casinos gaming floor, so players can wander around the casino and use them on any gaming machine.

It is of course important that you do not forget to take the voucher from a machine once it has printed it and paid it out, for if you do there is a very good chance someone else will grab that voucher and you may never see your money again.

Some casinos however still have slot machines that pay-out coins, however the number of casinos that do are in very short supply, for TITO vouchers mean less time is wasted by slot attendants having to fill up a slot machine with coins when they run empty, and those vouchers also save slot players a lot of time and effort too.

Just make sure you treat your TITO vouchers as cash, they do not need to be turned into cash immediately once paid out, so you can hold onto them and cash them in at a time that suits you, and they are certainly a much more convenient way of handling your bankroll, rather than having a bucket full of coins or a pocket full of banknotes.

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